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Praise for 999


“A fresh, remarkable story of Auschwitz...An uplifting story of the herculean strength of young girls in a staggeringly harrowing situation.” 

“Intimate and harrowing…  This careful, sympathetic history illuminates an incomprehensible human tragedy.”

—Publishers Weekly

“A staggering narrative... a profound work of scholarship. Her book also offers insight into the passage of these women into adulthood, and their children, as ‘secondhand survivors.’”

—Gail Sheehy, New York Times bestselling author of Passages 

“999 reinstates the girls to their rightful place in history.” 


“Brilliant . . . an important addition with its focus on the lives of women and its unbearably vivid details.”

—NY Journal of Books

“An important addition to the annals of the Holocaust, as well as women’s history. Not everyone could handle such material, but Heather Dune Macadam is deeply qualified, insightful and perceptive.”

—Susan Lacy, creator of the American Masters

The story of these teenage girls is truly extraordinary. Congratulations to Heather Dune Macadam for enabling the rest of us to sit down and just marvel at how on earth they did it.”

Anne Sebba, New York Times bestselling author of Les Parisiennes

“An important contribution to the literature on women's experiences.”

Dr. Rochelle G. Saidel,

founder and executive director,

Remember the Women Institute

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